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We use this site for selling products online, sharing exciting news, and for introducing you to our multiple in-store locations:
CURIO (Loisdale Rd), established January 3rd, 2011
6701T Loisdale Rd, Springfield, VA 22150

CURIO (Centreville Sq), established August 1st, 2021
14260B Centreville Sq, Centreville, VA 20121

Curio (Springfield Mall), established October 28th, 2022
6610 Springfield Mall, Springfield, VA, 22150


We carry a vast variety of products for card games, board games, miniature games, and more- much of which is available for purchase here on our website, and the rest available for purchase in-store. For anything we don't have on our shelves that is of a similar genre, we are also happy to try to order it for you. While we don't stock Magic the Gathering card singles typically on our website, we do handle direct orders for them via email at curiocavernstaff@gmail.com; simply send us a list of what you're looking for, specify that you would need them shipped to you, and we will respond with a quote; we use our own pricing aggregate but it pretty closely adheres to the market price (though we charge a minimum of 25 cents per card so that it's worth the time and effort to stock & organize). Note: we only offer this email card-request-option for returning customers!

In our stores, you'll find some of the most extensive Magic the Gathering singles inventories in Virginia,  Pokémon TCG, Yugioh, Cardfight Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, Wixoss, Digimon, One Piece, Dragonball Super, several other card games, board games, some of our very own original products, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, other miniatures games, model paints/brushes/spray-paint/tools, game accessories, tables to play on, snacks and drinks to enjoy, and much more! Our goal is to provide each and every customer with the best experience they can have in talking about, playing with, and purchasing the hobbies they love. We are here for you. We have plenty of in-store table space provided free of charge for your enjoyment; we also host a variety of weekly events and tournaments; check our individual store pages here on our website for more information, including weekly event calendars!


Just some of our selections!