About Us & FAQ

Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

Our goal at Curio is to provide each and every customer with the best experience they can have in talking about, playing with, and purchasing the hobbies they love, whether that's in-store or through our website experience. We are here for you! We have plenty of in-store table space provided free of charge for your enjoyment at our three separate locations in Northern Virginia; we also host a variety of weekly events and tournaments (take a look at our event calendars, the Curio Cavern Facebook page, and our Instagram for more details). We are always happy to help in any way we can, from aiding card gamers in building their decks to teaching customers about new games. There is no corporate overtone here, nor is there any aim to distance the relationship between business and customer into a cold, calculating schematic. We are quite the opposite, and we take pride in that.


We hope to help you soon and brighten your day!

Curio FAQ

Do you accept trade-ins? 

Yes, we accept trade-ins for every card game we carry, as well as several we don't yet carry, and for several products that we sell. Trade-ins can be exchanged for either store credit or cash. Store credit does have a higher rate of exchange than cash. To inquire about trading in product in-person or through the mail, please email us at curiocavernstaff@gmail.com and include "trade-ins" in the header of your email.


How does store credit work? 

Store credit is provided as an option for trading in product that we accept, winning events we run in-store, and sometimes given out for other reasons, such as raffles. Store credit can be used in all of our store locations and never expires. To use store credit for a website purchase, please contact us at curiocavernstaff@gmail.com and include the items you wish to purchase with store credit; we will walk you through the process (store credit cannot be used to cover shipping fees).


Can we play games inside the stores? 

Yes, you may absolutely play games in our stores, and we happily encourage it! Our tables are free to use. We allow free table reservations as well. Please note that events take priority when it comes to table reservation/space and in-store events have seating priority. The in-store event schedules are available to view on each stores' respective Google Calendars here on our website!


What games do you play? 

We, and our customers, play a large variety of tabletop games, often in the range of collectible card games, board games, miniature games, and role-playing games. The different kinds of games played at each of our locations are similar, but not completely the same. To view more information about our specific stores and their focuses please visit their respective tabs.


Can we eat inside the store? 

Eating, and bringing in non-alcoholic outside food, is allowed as long as you clean up after yourself and keep the store's merchandise and other player's property clean. Our stores are also stocked up with a variety of snacks and drinks!


Can I request a few Magic cards or a list of Magic cards? 

Yes, we do take request for cards/card lists, via email (curiocavernstaff@gmail.com). We do ask that you follow our guide for list pulls as well as read our policy on list pulls. We only offer this service to returning customers.

List pull guide for in-store purchases:

If the amount of cards being requested is 5 or under, we will gladly help pull these cards in-store. For request for lists over 5 cards, we ask that these request are sent to our emails or social media platforms. To help speed up the process for pulling your list, we ask that you organize your list of cards by color and then alphabetically. It is important to also state any perferences you have regarding type/version (Foil, Non-Foil, Cheapest avaliable, condition, etc).



We will send you a message through the media of the initial point of contact once the list has been fully pulled. We will provide you a list of the cards we did not have as well as a price of what we did have. We will keep the cards on hold for up to 1 week after this confirmation message. If you have not received a message, your list is not ready (timeframe depends on how busy we are). List pulls are time-consuming and can be taxing on our employees during peak hours. With this being the case, list pulls are a COMMITMENT to purchase!